Turf grasses will not grow well in highly acidic soils. The issue in this area is that most soils in Ohio are, in fact, acidic by nature. This means that well established lawns will require applications of Lime.

Pelletized Lime performs several important functions:

  • Provides correction of soil acidity
  • Furnishes important plant nutrients: calcium and magnesium
  • Reduces the solubility and toxicity of certain elements in the soil such as iron. This toxicity will reduce plant growth under acidic conditions.
  • Promotes availability of major plant nutriets. Calcium acts as a regulator and aids in bringing about the desirable range of availability of many plants nutrients. Some elements which lime aids in regulating are zinc, copper, and phosphorus.
  • Limes increases bacterial activity, therefore inducing favorable soil structure and relationships. Soil structure is also improved by the addition of decayed organic matter or compost. The soil becomes more porous, increasing air circulation and the ability of the soil to absorb and hold moisture.
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